GBH Ceilidhs - The Music Institute

The Music Institute folk club and the GBH Ceilidhs are run by the not-for-profit organisation "West Surrey Folk Consortium" (WSFC). The Constitution of the WSFC is as follows:

1. NAME:
1.1 This Consortium operates as an unincorporated association under the name of ‘West Surrey Folk Consortium’ (hereinafter referred to as the Consortium) and is a non-profit making organisation.

2.1 The Consortium aims to encourage the enjoyment, appreciation and performance of traditional and contemporary folk music, song and dance. It aims to introduce contemporary roots-based music from these islands and abroad to both established and new audiences and seeks to encourage young performers and organisers to support the continuation of the many forms of the traditional performing arts.

In pursuit of the above aims the Consortium may:
3.1 Take over the organisation of the “Music Institute” folk concerts;
3.2 Take over the organisation of the “GBH Ceilidhs” barn dances;
3.3 Organise and promote other concerts, dances, workshops, talks and festivals in line with the Consortium’s aims and objectives;
3.4 Accept gifts, apply for grants or funding or raise money for the purposes of the Consortium on such terms and on such security as may be thought fit by the committee; and
3.5 Support by way of co-promotion or sponsorship other events in west Surrey that promote the aims and objectives of the consortium.

4.1 Membership of the consortium governing body is by unanimous invitation of the existing members.
4.2 Membership ceases on resignation or unanimous will of the other members.
4.3 Financial implications of membership:
4.3.1 No member shall receive payment directly or indirectly for services to the Consortium, or for anything other than legitimate expenses incurred on presentation of receipts.
4.3.2 No member shall be held personally liable for debts incurred, or damage caused, as a result of the Consortium's activities, unless breach of trust or fraudulent behaviour can be shown to have occurred.

5.1 Overall authority rests with the consortium membership.
5.2 Executive decisions are by a straight majority of the membership except where otherwise stated.
5.3 Routine management is by a committee comprising chair, secretary, treasurer and other officers as the membership deem appropriate.
5.4 The committee chair and treasurer will report to quarterly meetings of the membership regarding routine management and financial matters.
5.5 The management committee shall have the power
5.5.1 To appoint subcommittees which may include members other than the committee.
5.5.2 To make rules for the transaction of their business.
5.5.3 To delegate any of its functions to such subcommittees, which must then report their activities and proceedings fully and promptly to the management committee.
5.5.4 To dissolve such subcommittees as appropriate.
5.5.5 The committee shall have the power to co-opt not more than three other members to serve until the end of the AGM following their co-option.
5.5 The management committee at its first meeting in each year after their AGM appointment a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer. In the absence of the Chair at any subsequent meeting, the Secretary or (by previous arrangement) another member of the committee shall preside.
5.7 There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Consortium not less than ten months and not more than fourteen months since the last meeting. The secretary of the Consortium shall give all members not less than 21 days' notice of the date, place and time of this meeting through the post.
5.8 Extraordinary General Meetings of the Consortium can be called at any time if requested in writing by not less than one-third of the members of the Consortium. In such case, the secretary of the management committee shall notify all members of the meeting following the procedure laid down in clause 5.5.

5.1 The Consortium's financial year shall run from the 1st September each year to the 30th August. During that period:
5.1.1 The Consortium shall administer its funds in pursuit of the aims and objectives.
5.1.2 A bank account, as determined by the Consortium, shall be maintained in the name of the Consortium. All cheques drawn upon the account shall require the signature of at least two members of that committee, one of which should always be the treasurer.
5.1.3 No cohabiting couple are to both be signatories to the account.
5.1.4 The treasurer shall present to each Annual General Meeting a statement of account for the previous year.
5.1.5 Proceeds from events, after paying all costs and expenses, are to be set aside for future events, reserves and seed-funding for further events in West Surrey in accordance with the Consortium’s aims and objectives.

7.1 The constitution may be altered by a resolution supported by not less than two thirds of those present and voting at an annual or extraordinary meeting of the committee, constituted as in clauses 5.7 or 5.8.
7.2 The Consortium may be dissolved by a resolution supported by not less than two thirds of those present and voting at an annual or extraordinary meeting, constituted as in clauses 5.7 or 5.8. In the event of dissolution, the meeting may also give instructions for the disposal of any assets held by or in the byname of the Consortium, once all debts and liabilities are cleared. Such assets shall not be given to or distributed among the members, but must be passed on to another or other not-for-profit organisations that promote the enjoyment, appreciation and performance of folk music, song or dance.

8.1 Race, religion and sexual orientation are not part of any membership or attendance criteria, and members of minority groups are expressly welcomed.
8.2 Folk activity by its nature is multi-cultural and is viewed as a means of encouraging integration and tolerance.
8.3 The West Surrey Folk Consortium is committed to equal access.
8.4 There are no minimum /maximum age restrictions to events.
8.5 There will be an annual review of equal opportunities and access schemes.
8.6 Pro-active schemes for wider access and youth involvement will be initiated as resources and circumstances allow.

GBH Ceilidhs - The Music Institute

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