When to consult


when your energy level is low,

when inspiration has gone,

when feeling off balance,

when experiencing physical discomfort or anxiety,

during life changes and crisis,

when there seems to be no solution to a problem,

when looking for inner guidance,

when feeling overwhelmed and struggling with life, people or work,

when we want the situation to change but don’t know where to start.

Also as a preventative tool to learn how to respond to challenges, to stay calm, to create the life you want and to inspire people around you.

Since 2004, I have successfully worked with

  • Releasing emotional stress associated with physical symptoms such as
      • anxiety
      • digestive problems, food sensitivity
      • ME & chronic fatigue syndrome,
      • post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD,
      • numbness
  • Fear of changes stopping us from moving forward.
  • Supporting individuals with the decluttering process of their home. 
  • Supporting individuals during their life’s transitions.
  • Identifying, setting and achieving life’s purpose goals.
  • Balancing the body’s energy system before and after an operation and accelerating the recovery from injury.
  • Increasing vitality and resistance to illness.

The power of Kinesiology is that it is completely individualised to your needs – so it will be helpful for so much more!

At the Heart and Earth Clinic you will find support to facilitate emotional and energetic transformation towards a meaningful and joyful life on this Earth.

My mission is to assist and guide individuals through changes and challenges to generate within themselves a steady emotional climate. This will enable them to stay grounded, unshakeable, steady and calm in the midst of chaos. Showing compassion toward our own internal world will also lead us to healthier relationships with others.

“The secret of growth is based on the focus of creating the new instead of fighting the old”