I’m Catherine Young, a British Artist that fills my life with creativity from illustrating and design to embroidery and story telling. When I’m not in my Studio you can find me in the garden! Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Bumpkin Hill is all about celebrating the precious moments in life with the beautiful traditions of hand-drawn illustrations and crafts all wrapped up in a uniquely nostalgic style. This style shines throughout my collections of Event Stationery, Wall Decor, Embroidery Patterns & Collector’s Bears being brought to life with sweeps of watercolour paint and the finest papers, fabrics and threads.

The care free world of Bumpkin Hill is a place close to my heart.  As a child my Granny called me a Country Bumpkin as I loved being outdoors as you can see in the photo!  Just opposite her white house was a Hill with an old Oak Tree at the top. Waking up every morning the first thing I would do was to open the old window, breathe in the fresh air and look out at this Hill often dotted with sheep from the farm next door. This is now a whimsical home for all my creations to live! A place where the innocence of childhood is cherished.

My comforting designs, aimed at children and all those young at heart, including Collector’s Bears, have become loved around the world and appreciated through a British Bear Finalist Award and being featured in the renowned Print & Pattern Kids Book.  I hopped onto the scene after graduating from University studying Textile Design & Art along with Communication & Image Studies including Photography. Born in England, with Scottish & Irish roots, I now live in a small rural village in Belgium with my fiancé.

If you too delight in simple pleasures then I welcome you open armed right onto the top of the Hill and we can sit & daydream together under the shade of the Old Oak Tree.

You can visit my shop to see more of my designs. If you would like to work with me, have a question, or would just like to say hello, you can email me at .  For Literary enquiries contact my Agent Linda Camacho at Prospect Agency.